The last 12 months have been intense! As a family we have been through a time of testing - with work challenges, the beginning of new projects, a new home, a new baby and most significantly a serious illness in our eldest child that pushed us to the edge of our faith.


All our plans for the year had to be cancelled or re-arranged and we had to stop and just ask 'what next?'.


But through the most challenging season of our lives so far, we also saw the beauty, the grace and the majesty of God in ways we could not have imagined.


He showed us that he is FATHER, HEALER, DELIVERER, STRONG HELPER, GUIDE and COMFORTER. He was our all in all and we have never known his love more truly.


the message

If we could summarise what God taught us through his avalanche of love it would be that:

1. His children (that's all of us) are so precious to him

2. He has put something in all of us that the world needs to see

3. He's never late and he's never hasty. Things might not always happen when we want them to, but he knows best and his timing is always perfect.


the collections

Evanwear Chapter 3 is our heart's response to God's amazing love and our encouragement to others passing through seasons of growth and testing.

3 new collections:




Evanwear Christian Clothing Ltd is a Christian clothing brand and ministry based in the United Kingdom which designs and produces evangelistic Christian clothing, accessories and gifts.

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