on the road

We love to go out on the road to Christian events, gatherings and festivals,

 meeting like-minded Christians who are passionate about the Gospel 

and showcasing our products!

At every event you can:

- say hello and find out more about us

- see, feel and purchase all our products

- enjoy exclusive special offers

- enter our free prize draws

- pick up evangelistic freebies

upcoming events


 - June 22nd 2019

From the hosts:

"The Big Church Day Out draws together tens of thousands of Christians from all over the UK and Europe to worship and celebrate all that is good.

It’s a one-of-a-kind expression of church unity that’s as vibrant and varied as its wonderful guests."

More events and dates coming soon!

Evanwear Christian Clothing Ltd is a Christian clothing brand and ministry based in the United Kingdom which designs and produces evangelistic Christian clothing, accessories and gifts.

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